Sabbath School

04-02-2017 10:00 - 04-02-2017 11:00
Grantham SDA Church
1 Dudley Rd, Grantham NG31, UK

A word of encouragement: 1 Thessalonians 5.11

This is a week to make other people feel great about themselves! Too often in our world, gossip and point-scoring tear people down and make them feel small. Just pick up a newspaper and you’ll see. But the Bible urges us to use our words carefully, to build others up; and it promises that, when we choose to be encouragers, harmony and peace are the result. Give it a go and see how the mood changes.
Challenge 1: Leave someone a note of encouragement.
Challenge 2: Make a point of talking only positively about people.
Challenge 3: Praise someone in public.